Shaofeng Zou. Ph.D. Syracuse University, July 2016- present.

Sirin Nitinawarat. Ph.D. U. Maryland, January 2011 - September 2013. Now with Qualcomm.

George Atia. Ph.D. Boston University. September 2009 - September 2012. Now an Assistant Professor with University of Central Florida.

Vasanthan Raghavan. Ph.D. U. Wisconsin, Madison. August 2006 - August 2009. Now with Qualcomm.

Jun Chen. Ph.D. Cornell University. September 2005 - July 2006. Now an Associate Professor with McMaster University.

Wei Zha. Ph.D. Queens University. December 2003 - January 2005. Now a Sr. DSP Engineer with PCTEL.


Aditya Deshmukh. Currently working on Ph.D. thesis.

Yuheng Bu. M.S. December 2016. Thesis title: "Estimation of KL divergence: optimal minimax rate." Currently working on Ph.D. thesis.

George Rovatsos. M.S. August 2016. Thesis title: "Quickest Change Detection with Applications to Line Outage Detection." Currently working on Ph.D. thesis.

Meghana Bande. M.S. May 2015. Thesis title: "Flexible Backhaul Design with Cooperative Transmission in Cellular Networks." Currently working on Ph.D. thesis.

Neeraj Venkatesan. M.S., May 2015. Thesis title: "Distributed Optimization on a Sensor Network Testbed." Now with Northrup Grumman, El Segundo, CA.

Jonathan Ligo. M.S., Dec 2013. Thesis title: "Controlled Sensing Approach to Graph Classification." Ph.D.,August 2017. Thesis title: "Detection of Sparse Mixtures: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms." Now with Applied Physics Laboratory.

Yun Li. Ph.D., August 2015. Thesis title: "Universal Outlier Hypothesis Testing with Application to Anomaly Detection." Now with Walmart Labs.

Taposh Banerjee. Ph.D., August 2014. Thesis title: "Data-Efficient Quickest Change Detection." Now a postdoctoral associate at MIT.

Aly Elgamal. Ph.D., May 2014. Thesis title: "Interference Channels with Coordinated Multipoint Transmission." Now an Assistant Professor at Purdue University.

Kyle Harris. M.S., May 2013. Thesis title: "Wireless Sensor Network Implementations on a Testbed Platform." Now with Viavi Solutions, Indianapolis, IN

Craig Wilson. M.S., December 2011. M.S. Thesis title: "Communications Strategies for the MIMO Interference Channel." Currently working on Ph.D. thesis.

Sreekanth Annapureddy. M.S., August 2008. M.S. Thesis title: "Gaussian Interference Channel in the Low Interference Regime." Ph.D., September 2011. Ph.D. Thesis title: "Interference Management in Wireless Networks." Now Vice President at NetraDyne, San Diego, CA.

Jayakrishnan Unnikrishnan. M.S., October 2007. M.S. Thesis title: "Cooperative Sensing for Primary Detection in Cognitive Radio." Ph.D., August 2010. Ph.D. Thesis title: "Decision-Making Under Statistical Uncertainty." Now with GE Research.

Sundhar Ram Srinivasan. Ph.D., December 2009. Thesis title: "Distributed Optimization in Multi-Agent Systems: Applications to Distributed Regression." Now an Engineering Manager at Oculus, Facebook.

Jason Fuemmeler. Ph.D., December 2008. Thesis title: "Energy-Efficient Tracking in Sensor Networks." Now with Rockwell-Collins.

Che Lin. Ph.D., August 2008. Thesis title: "Multiantenna Communication in the Presence of Feedback." Now an Associate Professor with National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Yingbin (Grace) Liang. Ph.D., August 2005. Thesis title: "Multiuser Communications with Relaying and User Cooperation." Now an Associate Professor at Ohio State University.

Arun Visvanathan. M.S. August 2005. Thesis title: "Sleeping Policies for Energy Efficient Tracking in Sensor Networks." Now with Qualcomm , San Diego, CA.

Jean-Francois Chamberland. M.S., August, 2000, Cornell University. M.S. thesis title: "Analysis and Design of Power Control Algorithms for CDMA Systems." Ph.D., August, 2004. Ph.D. thesis title: "Design of Sensor Networks for Detection Applications via Large Deviation Theory." Now a Professor at Texas A&M University.

Rajat Prakash. M.S., August 1999, Cornell University. M.S. thesis title: "Analysis and Design of Handoff Algorithms." Ph.D., October 2003. Ph.D. thesis title: "Centralized Wireless Systems with User Arrivals and Departures." Now with Qualcomm , San Diego, CA.

Batu Sat. M.S., October, 2003. Thesis title: "Grouping Strategies for Cellular CDMA Systems." Now Cofounder & CEO at Mall IQ, Inc.

Swaroop Appadwedula. Ph.D., May, 2003. (Co-advised with Douglas Jones.) Thesis title: "Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks for Detection Applications." Now with Lincoln Labs, Boston, MA.

K. Chaitanya Reddy. M.S., May, 2003. Thesis title: "Coding Spreading Tradeoff for Multiple Antenna Systems Using Convolutional Codes." Now with Qualcomm , San Diego, CA.

Ashok Mantravadi. M.S., January 1999, Cornell University. M.S. thesis title: "On Acquisition and Detection in Asynchronous Bandlimited CDMA Systems." Ph.D., January 2002, Cornell University. Ph.D. thesis title: "Analysis and Design of Wideband Multiantenna CDMA Systems." Now with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

Mehul Motani. Ph.D., August 2000, Cornell University. Thesis Title: "Information Theory and Coding for CDMA Systems." Now a Professor at National University of Singapore.