Experiment 4

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Please note the correction in III.4, you are supposed to use a time scale of 0.05 ms, and not 0.05 s as mentioned earlier.

Objective: Generating bandpass WGN and studying the effect of AWGN on DSB-SC AM.

Description: In this experiment you will generate bandpass white Gaussian noise using two different methods. Then, you will see the effect of this noise on a DSB-SC system.



  1. Submit a block diagram for part II
  2. Submit a block diagram for part III.
  3. Submit both the required plots from III.4. Explain the difference between the two (sine and cosine) noise components as seen in the plots.
  4. Submit the PSD plots from II.3 and III.5. Compare the magnitude of the PSD peak in both. The filters are known to be near perfect. Give equations or step-by-step PSD drawings to support your observation.
  5. Submit a block diagram for part IV.
  6. Comment on the similarity between the waveforms in IV.5.

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