ECE 359 Q&A page

The ECE 359 Q & A Page

Q-1. How does this page work?

A. ECE 359 students post questions through the famous "Add a Question" form. Within a few days, Prof. Veeravalli or Prapti will respond, usually posting both the question and the answer to this site.

Q0. How do I add a question?

A. Through the famous "Add a Question" form, of course. Make sure that you include your name and email address -- if you don't, your question will be ignored. However, if you would like the question to appear anonymously on this page, don't worry -- there's a place on the form where you request that.

So go ahead. Ask a Question. It's fun and fat free!*

*WARNING: The Surgeon General of the University of Illinois has announced that asking too many questions on this form may raise your GPA above average levels. Asking questions while driving is not recommended.

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